12 Week Free Comedy Course – Week 12

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The Final Week

It’s been a long road! But we’re here, the final week of our 12 week course, you should have got close to 50 gigs under the belt by now and feeling more confident on stage than ever before.

BUT The work does not stop here, there’s always more to learn and experience in stand up, you just do it by doing it!

The comedy refinement process should be second nature by now! Keep using it and keep advancing. We’re not gonna touch on that too much in this lesson, instead we’re gonna talk about something that will help you progress even faster.

Task 1: Create Your Own Comedy Night

Comedy Assignment 1

One of the next moves you might consider as a budding comic is to start your own comedy room. Whether an open mic or a showcase, running your own show guarantees you a good spot every week and more stage time. We’ll guide you on how to pick the perfect room and ensure its success.

The Ideal Comedy Room Elements

To captivate your audience, your night needs certain elements. The first of which is simple.

Book Only the Funniest Comedians

As a show producer, your main goal should be to make your audience laugh. Book only the funniest comedians for your show, and don’t get swayed by personal gains. Trust us, a comedy night filled with exceptional talent will set you on the path to success.

The Power of a Low Ceiling

The impact of room elements on comedy shows cannot be ignored. A low ceiling can amplify laughter, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Avoid the “Bringer” Show Trap

Resist the temptation to produce a “bringer” show. While it may seem like a quick way to gain a crowd, this exploitative approach can damage your reputation. Booking quality comedians and advertising well is a much better strategy for long-term success.

Task 2: Stay True To Your Voice


Standup comedy is an art form where your voice matters. Discover the importance of staying true to yourself and crafting jokes that resonate with both you and your audience. We’ll guide you on finding the right balance between being daring and connecting with your fans.

Task 3: Get Networking


Positive Interactions Are Key! Being part of a comedy scene means making connections. Interacting positively with your fellow comedians is crucial in an environment that blends work and socialising.

This is key to getting more spots too! Support other comedians and they’ll support you.

Task 4: Keep Recording And Analysing Your Sets


Recording your sets is a vital tool for honing your comedic perspective. This feeds back into the comedy refinement process!

Watching yourself back, seeing where the laughs are! Never stop doing this and you’ll progress faster than you ever thought was possible.

Task 5: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


Comparison is the thief of joy, every comedian’s journey is unique. Comparing yourself to others only hinders your artistic growth. Learn to focus on beating your personal best and staying true to your comedic style.

It can get pretty competitive out there and that is a trap that a lot of comedians fall into. Just try to get better and the success will come.

And there we have it! We hope you’ve got a tonne of value out this course and we look forward to seeing you out on the circuit soon! Remember standup comedy is a powerful art form that has the ability to bring joy, challenge perceptions, and connect with audiences.

As you continue on this journey, remember to be bold, take risks, and always please yourself and your fans. Craft your act with passion and authenticity, and you’ll find yourself making a lasting impact in the comedy world. So go forth, embrace the laughs, and remember, the stage is yours!

That’s it! That’s The Course!.

Take what you’ve learnt and we’ll see you out on the circuit!


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