Exploring Identity in Post-Brexit Europe

Following a successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Ebdon Management is thrilled to announce that “That French TikTok Lady” will be hitting the road, crisscrossing the country from January to April 2024, with the grand finale in Bath.

London, UK – Tatty Macleod, the rising star of comedy, is set to take the UK by storm in 2024 as she embarks on a tour of her debut show, “Fugue.

The show is a “love letter to France, England, and Europe,” says Macleod,

“it looks at the eccentricities and hilarious absurdities that make up our radically different nations, but it’s also a personal story of loss and the challenge faced by all of those having to reconstruct their identities in the wake of Brexit.”

A Love Letter to Europe

A sentimental ode to France, England, and all of Europe, Macleod’s “Fugue” is an outstanding work. She examines the oddities and hilarious quirks that characterize our radically different cultures from a singular perspective.

Tatty’s life has been an ongoing mix of cultures; she was born in Zimbabwe to British parents and raised in France. She presents tricky questions in “Fugue,” such as

Does understanding the distinction between a crêpe and a galette make you French?

He is a “fu**boi,” but is he really French?

The program is a comprehensive investigation of identity, belonging, and the process of coming to terms with oneself, mixed with her childhood memories from rural France.

Tour Dates – January to April 2024

  • January
    • 8th to 13th: LONDON, Soho Theatre
    • 19th: CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge Junction
    • 26th: CARDIFF, Chapter Arts
  • February
    • 1st: GUILDFORD, Bellerby Studio
    • 2nd: YORK, Theatre 41
    • 7th: BRIGHTON, Komedia Big Room
    • 15th: BROMLEY, Lounge
    • 17th: SOUTHAMPTON, The Attic
    • 21st: MANCHESTER, Frog & Bucket
    • 22nd: SHEFFIELD, Deli Theatre
  • March
    • 8th: NORWICH, The Garage
    • 21st: NEWCASTLE, The Stand
    • 23rd: GLASGOW, The Stand
    • 24th: EDINBURGH, The Stand
    • 29th: BIRMINGHAM, Glee Club
    • 30th: BRISTOL, The Alma
  • April
    • 12th: BATH, Rondo

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Big Belly’s Best!

Tatty has performed at Big Belly more times than we can count and has made our beloved audience absolutely burst with laughter each and every time! We would like to personally congratulate her on this enormous career milestone and to wish her good luck on her tour, Big Belly is very proud of her!

You can view tour schedules and ticket prices HERE at her website.

Tatty Macleod
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