The Discovery in Cuba

Rhod Gilbert initially felt a bump in his neck while on the 2022 fundraising journey in Cuba, which led to his cancer diagnosis. Gilbert overcame several obstacles to lead the previous treks that raised more than £1.8 million for the Velindre Cancer Centre.

He stated,

“Everyone on those walks put in a massive effort with the fundraising so collectively we’ve all raised [that money],” when discussing the group effort.

Gratitude for NHS and Velindre Cancer Centre

Rhod Gilbert, a 54-year-old Welsh stand-up comedian, has revealed his ambitions for a comeback after a battle with stage 4 head and neck cancer. Gilbert expressed his sincere gratitude for the NHS and the Velindre Cancer Center’s crucial contributions to his healing process.

He discussed his new outlook on life in an interview with BBC Radio Wales, saying,

“My new attitude is that life’s too short, you’ve got to crack on and do these things.”

Resuming Touring

Due to the pandemic and his health issues, Gilbert’s previous tour, “Book of John,” was severely delayed. He is currently preparing to tour once more the following year, keen to please his followers.

Fundraising Trek to Mount Toubkal

Rhod Gilbert is feeling well enough to start an inspirational adventure in addition to his comedy tour. Next month, he intends to lead a hike to Morocco’s Mount Toubkal. This incredible journey serves as both a personal challenge and a fundraising effort for the Velindre Cancer Centre, where Gilbert got cancer treatment. Surprisingly, he has supported the center for ten years.

Gilbert’s desire to support a cause that is dear to him is what spurred him to embark on this journey:

“The last one was Cuba in 2022, and this is the next one, so I’m very, very grateful to the NHS and to Velindre for getting me back on my feet, and hopefully, I can get well enough. I can help some people out there who are going through similar situations,” he said.

Rhod Gilbert is also set to host the 5th season of ‘Growing Pains’ on Comedy Central. You could read more about it HERE! 

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