Award-Nominated Edinburgh Festival Hit Coming to a Venue Near You

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The acclaimed production “Ian Smith: Crushing,” which Ian Smith will perform in venues around the UK from October 2023 to February 2024, is getting ready for its first national tour. The performance, which received glowing reviews during the Edinburgh Festival, was nominated for the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show.

Ian Smith’s eighth Edinburgh Fringe hour, “Crushing,” not only won an Edinburgh Comedy Award but was also nominated for NextUp’s Biggest Award in Comedy and the (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

Stress, Love, and Tank Driving

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The description gives an insight into Ian’s stress-filled world, where he struggles with everything from teeth-grinding to jobsworth dentists. “Ian Smith: Crushing” is characterized as a show revolving around “stress, love, and driving a tank in Slovakia with your hairdresser – three timeless themes.”

The program explores Ian’s quest for stress reduction, which ranges from hypnotism to motivating mirror messages before bed. The real question, though, is whether Ian can even stop worrying; this is a seemingly impossible task.

The Themes of “Crushing”

A man is holding a microphone and speaking into a screen.

Join Ian for an hour as he explains the sources of his stress and what he can (or can’t) do about it. This journey leads him to a sensory deprivation floatation tank and even to Slovakia, where he embarks on the unexpected adventure of driving a tank over a car with his hairdresser. “Crushing” promises to be a captivating and comedic exploration of Ian’s stress-laden world.

Tour Dates and Locations

It is  extremely exciting to see one of our regulars embarking on their debut tour! We here at Big Belly wholeheartedly congratulate and wish him luck in this milestone. We witnessed firsthand how talented this comic is and we are looking forward to his success!



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