Renowned Comedian Returns to the Stage

Dom Joly at Big Belly Comedy Club

Dom Joly, best known for his award-winning TV series “Trigger Happy TV,” is a British comedian, travel writer, and columnist who will make a triumphant return to the live stage in the spring of 2024 with his new show, “Dom Joly – The Conspiracy Tour.” In this show, Joly will give audiences a glimpse into the bizarre world of conspiracy theories. His next book, “The Conspiracy Tourist,” which is due out on November 2, 2023, is the basis for the tour. It promises to be a stimulating investigation of the craziest conspiracy theories in existence.

A Journey into the World of Conspiracies

Dom Joly at Big Belly Comedy Club

The most recent stage production by Dom Joly will take spectators on an offbeat tour of the world of conspiracy theories. Dom is prepared to share his discoveries with the world after traveling the world in quest of some of the most bizarre and curiously amusing conspiracy theories for his book. He will be joined on stage in the interest of fairness by renowned conspiracy theorist Dr. Julian Northcote, who will offer a different viewpoint.

Exploring Intriguing Questions


During the shows, Dom Joly and Dr. Northcote will delve into questions that have puzzled many for years:

  • Is the Earth flat?
  • Does Finland actually exist?
  • Are QAnon believers mentally ill?
  • Is Bill Gates using vaccines to control minds?
  • Is Denver Airport a massive panic room for the Illuminati?
  • Are UFOs piloted by lizards?

No matter your stance—whether you’re a cynic, a conspiracy theorist, or just want to hear Dom shout “HELLO” into his oversized mobile phone—Dom Joly’s “The Conspiracy Tour” promises something for everyone.

Security and Controversy

Security will be at an all-time high because the topics presented on the show are so hotly contested. The audience is cautioned that irate protests may take place—or is it simply another conspiracy theory?

Tour Dates and Ticket Information

For more information and ticket purchases you can visit HERE. You may also directly buy your tickets from the venues.

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