In a recent interview on “The One Show,” comedic talent Bob Mortimer revealed exciting news about his upcoming second book, tentatively named “The Long Shoe.” Mortimer explained that he is close to finishing this much awaited sequel to his debut effort, “The Satsuma Complex.”

The compelling mystery “The Long Shoe” revolves around a guy whose wife disappears under unexplained circumstances, leaving behind questions as to whether she left voluntarily or was stolen, according to a tantalizing insight into the plot provided by Mortimer during the program.

The main character sets out on a mission to solve this mystery and uses an unusual tool—an exceptionally long shoe—to do it. It’s a terrific book, said Mortimer, his enthusiasm contagious.

A Departure from Familiar Territory

Notably, Mortimer made it plain that Gary Thorn, the irritated legal assistant who took center stage in his first book, would not appear in “The Long Shoe”. Thorn was loosely based on Mortimer’s formative years. On Kathy Burke’s “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake” podcast, Mortimer explained his choice, saying,

“I thought if I did the same character, I’ll just write the same book, so I thought, you know, go do something different.”

A Year of Literary Success

After publishing his memoirs, “And Away,” Mortimer decided to branch out into fiction. His first book, “The Satsuma Complex,” was well received last year and laid the groundwork for his future as a novelist.

Mortimer recently disclosed that the title of his first book, “The Satsuma Complex,” would be changed to “The Clementine Complex” for publication in the United States. Since satsumas are frequently referred to as satsuma tangerines in the United States, as opposed to the UK, where they are more widely known, this adjustment takes into account regional terminology variations.

Publication Date Awaited

While Mortimer’s fans eagerly await “The Long Shoe,” no official publication date has been announced as yet. The book will be published by Simon & Schuster, a renowned publishing house.

Supernatural Encounters on “Gone Fishing”

Mortimer joined Paul Whitehouse on “The One Show” to promote the return of their famous show, “Gone Fishing,” on BBC Two in addition to talking about his writing endeavors. The two exchanged a chilling anecdote about a paranormal encounter in Dumfries while filming the sixth season. They set up motion detectors in an effort to record any eerie behavior, giving their fishing expeditions an unexpected turn.

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